Making a Book with a 6yr old

Many parents wonder what they can do to increase their child’s literacy. Here is a great idea.
1. Have the child start to draw some pictures (any artistic medium)
2. Discuss what is going on in the picture
3. Help them find a story to tell that INCLUDES but is not entirely in this picture.
4. Have them draw the illustrations for the story
5. Have them tell you the “text” they would like on each page and either write it on yourself or write it on another page and let them copy your writing on their own pages.
6. Bind the pages together (staples and duck tape work fine)
7. At this point you can turn this into a digital book by taking pictures of each page and loading them into an app like ibooksauthor
8. You can also record an audio track to go with the book by using an app like Garageband and record someone reading the book. Garage band also allows you to add music to the track. You can export it and send it to your email where it will upload into your iTunes (or export it directly to your iTunes)
9. Finally either burn a CD or upload to the digital book in ibooksauthor and your child has made a very impressive book to share.


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